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For our students worldwide, we are extending and deepening the global reach of PUIE and its education activity through developing more partnerships with highly regarded institutions. PUIE puts a strong emphasis on strengthening and expanding these relationships. Partnership types include student exchanges, customized training and workshop abroad, research collaborations, as well as more comprehensive partnerships.

PUIE business representatives are the institutions's exclusively appointed organizations to assist prospects from admission through graduation regardless of the mode of study. They advise and offer program related orientations, workshops, and other events to help international students to embark and meaningfully complete their education at PUIE
Business Representatives

Ascend Graduate School, California is an institution that offers educational programs solely for the membership of bona fide professional organizations.

AGS courses are validated by PUIE to be offered for members of various professional and trade organizations.

14 Barch Heirsh St. , Bnei-Brak

Global Training of Leadership and Talents (GLATT)
13b Nguyen Van Linh Street, Phong Phu Hamplet
Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

TEFL International Cambodia
Contact Person: Nico Millen
Address: Street 999, 2 Smach Mean Chey,
Krong Khemara Phoumin, Koh Kong, Cambodia.

6 TRI USHI St. FL.1, Postal code 1000, Sofia

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Our professional team of educators have worked hard to ensure that our programs are innovative and effective. Our administration has ensured that our programs are affordable for almost everyone. Our students have invested their human capital into developing themselves and our college.
Bruce Allen Veldhuisen
(Ph.D (Education), MBA)
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We serve a diverse community of students:

  • 61% Hispanic
  • 15% White Non-Hispanic
  • 13% Black
  • 4% Asian or Pacific Islander
  • 7% other minority groups

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Paris College of International Education